The Benefits Of Steel And Aluminum Doors

metal door

Trying to decide between a steel or aluminum door can be a difficult choice. Each type of door has benefits and you need to make sure that the door you choose has all the features you need and is going to work with your budget. The right door is going to be an asset to the building.

Aluminum doors are very popular and they work well when you have glass panels in the door because you can buy them in larger sizes. The doors are corrosion resistant which is important when you are buying exterior doors.

exterior door

Aluminum doors have a modern and minimal look and they look fantastic when they have large glass panels in them. Since aluminum is lightweight the doors are easier to install. Glass and aluminum is a nice combination and the doors are going to have a sleek and modern look that works well in any modern building. The frames need to be lighter when you have a lot of glass in the doors since the glass is so heavy.

Aluminum frames provide a nice contrast with the glass and they are easier to install than metal doors. Another benefit of choosing aluminum doors is that the price is more affordable than metal doors. The doors come in at a better price point which makes them the economical choice when you need to install lots of doors. You can have the doors custom made for your building and you can even have them fire rated if you need extra fire protection.

Aluminum doors are versatile and they are good choices when you need an attractive door and you want the price to be reasonable. You don’t want to spend more on your door than you need to and you want to save as much money as you can on your door. If you want an affordable door that can hold your glass panels you are going to want to use an aluminum door.

Metal doors are more expensive, but they are also stronger. These doors work well in a building that takes a lot of abuse. If the door is going to be constantly handled or touched, like in a school or hospital, then you will want to invest in a metal door since they are so durable. Anywhere there is a lot of foot traffic is going to be the best place for a metal door since these doors are going to be stronger.

Metal doors can easily be customized and you can use them for interior and exterior uses. They can hold many thicknesses of glass and you can also fire rate them. Metal doors are very rigid and not as flexible as aluminum so the measurements have to be perfect when you are ordering meta doors. They are hard to adjust once they are fabricated and there isn’t much room for error when you are ordering metal frames.

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Metal frames are easy to customize and you can find a door that is going to work for any application. Since the doors are more expensive than aluminum frames you are only going to want to use them where they are going to be exposed to the most people. The doors are going to hold up well to any high traffic area and you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged.

Choosing the right door is important and when you are trying to make the decision between aluminum and steel doors you are going to have to look at how they are being used and where you need to install them.